Ankura Patel is a designer with a difference... the difference is that she uses colours, shapes, textures & patterns to fashion buildings, not garments...
ANA Designs Pvt. Ltd. work balances the modern with the traditional in its quest to produce superlative interior design...
ANA Designs Pvt. Ltd. is a bright upcoming interior design firm whose cardinal tenet is a strict adherence to time schedules. And when they are not striving to wind up the projects by the clock, they're racing against it to skilfully adopt art forms....

The Patels have brought about a dramatic change in the set trend of banking-design...

The Patels have completed several prestigious projects, but what takes pride of place in their portfolio is the design of the interiors of Airoli Railway Station in New Mumbai...
ANA Designs Pvt. Ltd. injects vibrancy into the corporate office of development credit bank through it's design.

Won a design competition for the corporate spaces of SHOPPERS STOP. This was by far the most strenuous pitch we've participated in.
We design and build all radio studios for Big 92.7 FM , a Reliance-Adlabs venture.
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