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We, at ANA, have a proven track record of excellence in Design-Build (DB) projects over the last 15 years. We are committed to timely delivery as well as stringent quality measures while delivering design and construction services all under one roof!

Under the DB Model, we ensure that all of our tasks are managed efficiently so as to achieve optimum operational efficiency! DB projects enable collaboration between design teams, builders, clients, as well as consultants, leading to increased teamwork as well as productivity. Our bespoke solutions for DB have had a significant contribution to ANA’s journey!

Project Planning is the series of steps that we must undertake to outline tasks and resources, developing reporting documents to track the project progress and project management tasks.

This juncture is crucial for the project to progress as several important details such as workloads, team management, etc are finalized.

The first step we undertake is to define the project scope as well as to zero down on the methods that must be carried out to successfully execute the project. Further, we understand the time requirements and accordingly allocate deadlines and tasks to complete the project.

While there are many ways to brand one’s business, one of the most unique ways to do it is by leveraging Branding through space. Many organizations across the world follow a common theme throughout their presence to ensure that customers get a consistent experience, irrespective of anywhere they are.

Having worked with businesses across the industry spectrum, we have been able to translate spaces into brand experiences. We ensure that our team understands the core values as well as the brand’s visual identity before designing a space so as to completely integrate it in the design experience.

It is essential for one to have the right guidance when it comes to MEP Services in order to achieve a truly successful design experience. Given the intricacies involved in these aspects, it is important to have all the aspects such as documentation, cost estimation, planning, managing, and operating, in order.

Over the years, along with designing and styling a space, ANA has also catered to clients for seamless MEP Solutions. We develop solutions that are tailormade for our clients’ requirements and budgetary allocations.

We, at ANA, firmly believe in the power of art and that a well-curated collection of art can elevate any space. Further, when art pieces are installed in workspaces, not only do they give a style element to it but also enhance the mood of the room. When chosen with taste, art can truly bring out the finest features of different elements of a space. Artwork increases visual interest in the room while preserving aesthetic balance and stylistic cohesion.


When it comes to designing and execution of interior design projects, technology plays a significant role in ensuring efficiency. Whether it is software applications or construction techniques, it is essential that they are always advanced.

At ANA, we lay a special focus on investing in new-age technologies to ensure that our customers get an innovative experience always. We work across the software spectrum and are continuously monitoring how we can improve the foundations of designing by integrating technological interventions. Our commitment to innovation, and as an extension, technology serves as a key differentiator for us!

Styling is an essential component for any interior designing project. Even if there is a small or seemingly inconsequential element, if used properly, it can completely enhance the look of a space. At ANA Designs, we focus on identifying the variety of styling elements such as the right colour palette, graphics, wall-features, through which we can elevate a space.

Not only does styling give a certain aesthetic appeal to a project but is also capable of generating the desired ambiance that promotes the values of a company. Over the last 15 years, we have successfully carried out styling at a variety of organizations while ensuring all their objectives are achieved.