Over the past 15 years at ANA, we have dedicated our services to clients in the most wholehearted manner possible. We always strive hard towards providing our projects with curated and supreme excellence in the realm of Design&Build services.

With a commitment towards ensuring ace quality measures in tandem with set delivery timelines, we work tirelessly to provide our clients with all construction and design services under the comfort of one roof – truly a one-stop destination devised for all their spatial needs along with optimal operational efficiency.

As a module, Design and Build Projects are a resultant of the collaboration amidst various task forces – Design teams, Vendors, Consultants and Clients and Project Managers. This manifests as a layered, yet productive network of participant teams. The streamlining as well as the pragmatic value attached to the process, allow ANA to deliver impeccable quality spaces to the clients.

The intrinsic efforts invested in the process of conjuring a space to life are meant to follow a meticulous sequence in order to ensure desired results. Project Planning refers to a series of steps that must be executed to methodically plan and achieve deliverables.

This service constitutes outlining tasks, listing resources, developing tracking documents to monitor work progress and establishment of project management tasks. A pivotal step in the execution of any project, this process also encompasses workload distribution, team management and allocation in various facets of the project. The definition of the project scope therefore becomes imperative as a primary step, while simultaneously also ideating viable methods to carry out the execution. Additionally, understanding the timelines attached to the project helps us set realistic and functional deadlines for all tasks in tow.

This process as a whole organizes various spheres of the project and allows all participating teams to refer to a uniform plan of action. The underlying aim is to maintain an equilibrium between the resource usage and duration with an emphasis on the client’s objectives for the space.

The core idea behind the concept of branding goes far beyond the notions of colour palettes, marketing strategies or the make of one’s logo! As a process and a key step in the creation of an organization’s identity, branding becomes the amalgamation of all factors that an end-user resonates with instantaneously.

One of the most proactive ways to bring forth the brand value of one’s venture is through the concept of a curated space. A format that is tested and is successful across the world over – a thematic space design across geographic locations offers customers a consistent experience irrespective of where they are, and what they do.

Having associated with businesses across various verticals over the last 15+ years, we work relentlessly towards translating spaces into tangible brand experiences. Our design process taps into the core values and visual identity of our client’s venture so that the crafted design scheme can be emblematic of the same.

The Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, Fire and Access control Systems, aspects integrated into the building system are integral to the functional aspects of the space. Given the intricacy and co-dependence of these aspects, it is important to look into the documentation, cost-estimation, planning, managing and operations of these systems.

Over the last few years we at ANA, have also incorporated MEP services into our scope of work apart from quintessential designing and styling expertise. The solutions developed by our team for any given project are tailor-made to the specific requirements and timelines at hand. The spectrum of MEP services also covers HVAC, Water Management and Sustainable technologies.

An element that truly harnesses the potential to transform a space, art in its myriad forms can elevate the spirit of any given space. In the context of workspaces, art does way more than enhancing the visual persona of a room; it anchors the ability to morph the ambience, which in turn directly impacts the behavior and wellbeing of a user.

When curated with perfection, art can bring to the forefront the key elements of a space. This can be achieved via means of hues, texture, forms and silhouettes. With its presence, art manages to mold the character of a space with its details and the narrative it brings. Our team at ANA treats art as a source of endless inspiration that gets worked into the design framework right at conception. It can be the primary jumping-off point in some spaces and an element that breathes new life into a room.


In a world like the one we find ourselves inhabiting, almost everything can be automated – our spaces can be controlled down to the smallest detail with a simple click of the button! The way we conceptualize and share our design vision too, has enhanced ten-fold with the inventions that dominate the world of smart technology. We at ANA, believe in keeping in sync with the latest in the realm of technology and innovation, for that is the approach which enables us to design and deliver neoteric solutions to our clients.

Having had the opportunity to explore and design in the domain of software technology, we adeptly monitor the inclusion of ingenious methods into our working process while designing and at the sites as well! Our foremost commitment is to deliver quality design, with technology being the backbone of most functions.

Styling is the final and one of the most vital steps in the process of creating an impactful space. This process can influence the look and feel of a space in a meteoric manner and further build on the creative narrative with a keen eye for detail.

At ANA, our process of conceptualizing the styling palette of an interior space is impacted by a plethora of design-based facets: the colour, graphical details, function and identity of the space etc.

Styling as a step in the process fulfills a much larger need, one that is not just meant to elevate the aesthetic value of a space. It can promote the function and design message a space holds within its walls. Styling can make a space whole, when it works in cohesion with the practical needs of a given space and it adds to the layered nature of the same.

Since 2004, ANA has worked on numerous styling assignments, while handing over workspaces and with each space regardless of its blueprint, we’ve let the styling represent the client’s needs and brand demeanor.