Innovation, business excellence and relentless imagination are the threads woven into the fabric of the culture at BITSoM. They are pioneers in the education sector for over five decades now, connected to BITS Pilani School of Management. Their focus lies in fostering new age active and blended learning; generating leaders of tomorrow. The BITSoM logo with the majestic Tiger and the splendid rising sun; represented the power and vast spread of knowledge forming the bedrock of the institution. The actively interconnected spaces promoted collaboration and hybrid learning options. A ‘Design Meets Function’ approach created an ideal eco system to thrive and boost creativity of the students. Customised artwork and murals depicting focus, freedom & growth fortified the sense of belongingness & pride. Inspiration, Innovation and flexibility worked in tandem, transcending the space into an immersive spatial experience.
  • Location
  • Powai
  • Overall Development BUA
  • 50,000 sq. ft.
  • Completion Year
  • 2021